How do I make my small space look big?

Owning a house these days is quite expensive for an individual who is just starting out on his/her career path. The choice of getting a small space is not far-fetched eventually. Now that you have gotten the space, small though, but you are still not satisfied and you would love to add the feel of a big space, here are some quite useful tips to pay attention to:

Have a multipurpose furniture
A multi-purpose furniture creates more room in the space. An ottoman for example, can serve as a storage, a seat and even a centre piece at the same time.

Built in shelves from the ceiling to the floor gives the look of having a high wall. The standard height of a space is 3metres (some could just be a few metres lower). This trick gives the image of a high ceiling.

Mirrors (Mirror on the wall… )
Mirrors serve as reflectors, at the same time, image enhancers. A mirror rightly placed opposite the source of light (watch out for our blog post on Mirrors), makes the room look bigger.

Remember not to have high and huge furniture pieces, as they take up a chunk of the space and they barely leave the space with enough circulation area. Go for low or better still moderately fitted furniture. (You can tell your carpenter to build one for you or better still get in touch with us to help you build.)

Lest we forget, keep the furniture pieces off the wall a bit. At least 20cm away from the wall.

Take advantage of natural light as it opens up the space. Quit the dark rooms. Day blinds are an option for your space.

De-Clutter!!! If you are not using an item, why is it in your space? Get rid of them.

See the legs: Opt for sofas and armchairs with high legs; they help make the room airy.

Go for fabrics, carpet and rugs with little or no prints. Silent colours and prints expands the space.

This point can’t be left out. Can you guess?

Art!!! You got that right. Getting big pieces of art on the wall makes the wall seem higher.

Let’s stop here for now.
There are so many tips we can give on how to make your small space look big. Try them and let us know how your space looks.

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