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What you should know before you design your office space

Over the years, little or no attention was paid in office spaces. Some were cluttered; not properly managed and planned: thereby aiding unproductivity.

Understanding the purpose and activities to happen in an office space determines what goes on the space. There are some factors to consider before designing your office space or perhaps your present office space. 

1) The Layout

The basic layouts for an office space are – open and closed layout. Both have their pros and cons. For example, in an open layout, there would be a free flow of information across team players; thus promoting team spirit which is healthy for the psychology of its players.
However, based on the level of concentration, productivity might not be highly achieved here.
Some people prefer a more private place so they could do a lot of processing and creativity. Such people don’t like noise one bit. As a business owner/employer, you should consider these options- as well understanding your employees. A closed layout is sure good for your private meetings also. 

2)  Color

Your choice of color tells more of your brand of the offices/business. Colors go as deep as affecting the mind and mood of those in the space. It’s best that your company be a reflection of its core values in colors.

For example, Facebook as a company, has its brand color reflecting on the wall, furniture etc Depending on its contrasts, Green for example, gets its comfortable and growth effect on people. Red, as we know, could signify danger or excitement as the case may be.

Colors are a missing piece of a puzzle; when combined, reflects the energy in an office space. Be it red, blue, white – they contribute to the being of the occupant.

A space with Black as its predominant color communicates sophistication and security. However, it is seen as unhappiness and depression.

3)  Type of Lighting

In any organization or office, the type of light used changes the atmosphere. It also depends on its function and consumption. The ambience type of light is usually a run-to as it creates a large floor of light in a layout which can be boring to an extent. Having task light changes the game as this focused at the task or activities going on a specific space.

We get surprised when companies are quick to shut out natural light in a space and prefer artificial lighting. The artificial lighting is to give a balance in what the natural light can’t supply, especially at night.

4) Furniture

Ergonomic chairs to steel tables with marble slabs to a traditional stylish table adds color and value to an office space. The choice of furniture depends on it function first; then style and aesthetics follow.

This differs with organizations- some prefers a contemporary feel in an office. These might just be best for the ergonomic chairs and steel legged furniture. 

These are just a few factors to be considered before you have your office space designed. Remember, it's good to pay attention to your space. it's yours to enjoy.

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