Reasons you should hire an Interior Designer

One of our core values in Cribs and Spaces is every space deserves a story. People never get to realize this; as they have not thought of the reasons for hiring an interior designer.

A myth common to the minds of people is “Interior Design Services are for the rich”

This is not true. Interior design is for everyone. Services in interior design vary as it depends on your space and most importantly, your budget.

“A myth common to the minds of people is “Interior Design Services are for the rich” – Opemipo Onibokun”

Your space is an expression of your personality and depends on your budget; Interior Designers respect the budget of their clients.

Services of Interior Designers include: Design Consultancy, Bespoke Furniture Design, Rewrappng of a sofa etc. it depends on your need and your budget. So your spaces are carefully thought of and planned by the designer.

I remember a man who bought a piece of furniture to fit in his space, only to get to his space to discover that his furniture piece didn’t fit in.

An Interior Designer would be paid to help make that decision. I would share with you some reasons

It’s no harm having the professional eye: Clients take up responsibility of having the extra eye but having the professionally gained eye to look at your space and coming up with the right elements and design for your space is important.

Interior Designers give attention to space and size: As you know Interior designers are storytellers. As story tellers, they give a minute detail to your space and size.

They don’t help you make costly mistakes: We work with a budget so you don’t have to get a sky-rocketing fee plan. We help you build a budget and ensure they get the best out of it.

“ Interior Designers help tell a story about your space - Opemipo Onibokun”

We help save you a lot of time which can be used on other important things in your life.

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